SA Labour Law starts with proper process…

[Absenteeism, late coming, unauthorised possession of company property, safety, violence, alcohol and drugs, fraud and dishonesty, security, company vehicle and traffic, industrial action, unsatisfactory work performance, disorderly behaviour, harassment, poor performance, incapacity]

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The South African Labour Relations Act demands that specific procedures are followed for various employee incidents.

Failing to follow the correct procedure or record details of the incident accurately and comprehensively often results in costly and disruptive CCMA appearances and can even escalate to expensive labour consultant and lawyer fees.

In many cases, if the employees’ manager or supervisor had followed the correct procedure in the first instance and recorded all details when doing so, the problem, with its associated disruption and costs, could have been averted.

If the incident is not properly dealt with, even costly consultants cannot eliminate the problem. Dealing with the cause will reduce disruption and increase productivity.

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